About Me

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Short bio

I obtained my PhD from Kyoto University in 2010. In my PhD work, I studied grain charging and planetesimal formation with Prof. Hidekazu Tanaka (田中 秀和) at Hokkaido University (now at Tohoku University). In my Master's and undergraduate projects, I studied general relativity (一般相対論) and black hole physics under the supervision by Prof. Masa-aki Sakagami (阪上 雅昭). 

After the PhD, I spent three years at Nagoya University as a JSPS Superlative Postdoctoral Fellow (学振SPD). With Prof. Shu-ichiro Inutsuka (犬塚 修一郎), I studied interesting aspects of protoplanetary disks as weakly ionized, dusty plasmas. 

In 2013, I joined the faculty of Tokyo Tech (東京工業大学) as an assistant professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences (地球惑星科学). In 2015, I spent a sabbatical leave at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA, where I worked with Dr. Neal Turner on the thermal structure of protoplanetary disks. While I was away on sabbatical, I was promoted to associate professor in my home institute. 

I was raised in Hachioji (八王子), Tokyo.